Reporting and Accountability 2018-01-26T10:38:55+00:00

First Party Data

First parties provide us with:

– EPOS sales data (sales uplift)

– Footfall Figures

Mobile Insight

Wifi Hotspots & GPS data provide:

– Gender Split

– Number of uniques

– Dwell time

– Affluence

– Most popular searches etc.

Facial Recognition Technology

Short & long distance cameras track:

– Impacts

– Dwell time

– Gender Splits

How does it work?
Using facial recognition software and motion sensors, the camera has been collaborated to measure gender, dwell time and how many times screens get looked at. This is the only recognition for gender and impacts in the UK reaching up to 35+ metres, perfect for outdoor! Competitors concentrate on short distances.
What does it do for advertisers and why should they need it?
This makes outdoor screen advertising more accountable. More knowledge on audiences and their behaviour and help justify campaigns.